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The 792 Auction Center


The 792 Auction Center located  in  beautiful Stockport, Ohio, 4505 State Route 792, is where you can discover a complete range of treasures and products.  

792 Auction Center is one of the largest in  Morgan County Ohio. Rated  #1 as the most trusted and honest provider of all auction services with professionally trained and Licensed auctioneers. The 792 Auction Center is your preferred choice for all your auction needs. Online, onsite  or  in our state of the art 6000 sq. ft. Auction Center. Nothing is more important than knowing your valued property is properly marketed to ensure you are getting the most value. We have superior quality service at the most affordable rates. Our auction service house is here to shoulder some of your worries and is the perfect company to provide you with effective solutions.

Serving Central and Southern Ohio areas since 1987

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4505 State Route 792, Stockport, OH 43787, US

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Frequently Asked Questions


Auction FAQs

Got A Question? Call 792 Auction Center at 740-559-2274

When is your Auction? 

We recommend you check our calendar listing on this website.  Generally we have an Auction on the First Friday of the month beginning around 6pm . We some times close due to weather but rarely. If you are unsure check the website close to sale date or better yet just call.

I'm hungry!

We always have a food vendor who sells anything from Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pie, Cookies, Candy Bars, Crackers, Chips, Coffee, Water and soda. If you would like to have us add something to the menu, just ask, and we might have it next Auction!

Can I consign my items to be sold?

Yes! Please Call us at 740-559-2274 from 10 am to 5 pm any day of the week to start consigning today! Leave a message if we don't answer - we could be working with another consignor! 

What Kind of Items Can I Consign?

Any type including:  Guns, Cars, antiques or a quality item as long as it's legal. Some items we cannot sell by law so please Check with 792 auction staff if you are unsure.

Can I set a Reserve on my item?

We discourage setting reserves on items to keep it fair for bidders, but Yes, if it is a high quality item or of special significance then you may choose to place a reserve on it. Fees may apply in certain circumstances. Most everything can be adjusted. Please call to get the fine details.

What's the minimum bid? 

All items at our auction might start at a minimum bid to protect our consignors. Some items sell together at a minimum and special cases can apply.

The Item I wanted didn't sell and the sales almost over! Can you put it up?

Yes. We usually allow any unsold item to be brought up at the end of the sale, within limits. We reserve the right to accept or deny the opening bid of the item, especially if the item is of high quality or if there are not many buyers left in the auction house. It's only to be fair to our consignors.

I bought an item and I got it home and its broke/not working/not as advertised, can I return it?

Generally No but it depends. All Items at our Auction House are sold "As Is, Where Is" meaning the item will be sold as it is when you buy it. That said, we pride ourselves in pointing out any flaws, cracks, working/non working items that are to be sold. If there is something we miss, call it to our attention and we may be able to give you a refund. It's all up to the Auctioneer on a per case basis and we reserve the right to refuse. 

I bid on something but you sold it before you saw me! Can you open the item back up? 

No. It's required by law that we cannot open the bid back up after stating "SOLD!". We will always give a decent time to bid, but we are only human and sometimes a bid will go unseen. You can make sure we catch you by holding your card up in a clear manner. If we can't see you don't be afraid to call out!

Can I ask the clerk something?

Please do not talk to our clerk while she/he is working in the booth.  If you have a question ask an auction hand and we will relay the message at the appropriate time. You may also talk to the office to relay a message.

For any questions not answered, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us.